The Great Split feat. The CG's and The Rotten Blue Menace

by The Rotten Blue Menace

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released February 26, 2016

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Chris Fogul at Black and Bluhm Studios

Artwork by Maus Gomez



all rights reserved


The Rotten Blue Menace Denver, Colorado

The Rotten Blue Menace is a skacore band from Denver, CO!

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Track Name: Friends and Enemies
Set your pride aside if it leads you astray, but you won't believe a word that I say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer but you don't fucking care, is that who you live for? We tried and tried, you gave up on us, you were a person I thought I could trust, you have a new group of fuck ups to attend to, when you're dying in the streets what are you gonna do?

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, whose side will you choose? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, your choice between win or lose!

Rewind back to 2007, we were so close remember ponx forever? As time moved on, you got a new crowd, ponx forever is a joke to you now, I'm still here no matter who I am, you wasted your life on your new friends, punk rock was just a phase? For me I'll never change, punk until my dying days, I'm fucking here to stay!

Quit lying to yourself and open up your eyes, true friends are always by your side!You stopped caring and so did we, now you can live your life and be free!
Track Name: Wake Up Call
One day they'll wake you up and say
"you gotta do something in the world today",
and you wont have a clue what to do!
Cause in your youth they've pushed you along your way
WAY (way, way, way, way, way),
and its come back to falter you!

But remember what he told you son
about the one who prospers on and on
and lives happy til his dying day!

So forget what they've instilled in you
about money, glory, and making a name
for yourself when too-

many people go through their petty lives
only worrying about these atrocious lies
in lieu of what they're called to ensue!
(Don't let this happen to you!)

I've seen too many times
people waste away their days of prime
and wonder where the times gone to.
(Don't let this happen to you)
And I've heard so many lies spattered by the ones i thought were wise
so let this be a wake up call to you

Do what you wanna do! Not what the others tell you to! Do what you wanna do! Before your time is due!

So forget what they've instilled in you and remember to stay true to the things that drive you to succeed! (And don't let them impede!) On your one life to live, ya, don't waste it, that leads to a bitter end and you'll be out of luck my friend! (Out of luck my friend!)
Track Name: Blisters
Blisters! On my hands and in my head!
Blisters! Make me wish that I was dead
Blisters! Searing pain won't go away!
Blisters! Made it clear they're here to stay!

This! Is my life! These blisters, cut like a knife!

Blisters! fucked my life and screwed my head!
Blisters! I can't see shit, I'm seeing red!
Blisters! Same old shit won't go away!
Blisters! Nothing left but blank and pain!

1, 2, Fuck you, GO!

I can't take much more! Cause these blisters, cut like a knife! And they've taken my life!
Track Name: FBC (Fucked By Comparison)
We built up this monument, to tear it apart! We made you one of us, you were dead from the start!

I don't fucking care and I don't wanna know, I see you over there stuck with no where else to go! Nothing to do, nothing left to say, fuck your world, we'll throw it all away!

Fucked by comparison, now how it used to be, make a name for yourself, take this advice from me! Fucked by comparison, we're not quite there, build it up again and we'll make our repairs!

We're running our of time, the clock ticks on, it reaches the end, we're dead and gone! No where to go, nothing to do, it is time to realize that you are...

Track Name: Anthony Kiedis
There you go running circles around your mind! And if you keep looking you might get what you're trying to find! Do you know what it is you're looking for? Or will you run till you can't take it anymore?

You tore down the wall, to see what's on the other side, you tried and tried to care but you had too much pride, you took a look inside to see what parts are missing and then you wrote it off like a newspaper listing! The shadows that they creep around keep your mind racing, are they after you or just following your traces? It's all hidden in the reflection in the mirror, take a closer look and embrace that fear!

Embrace that fear!

What will you do when you finally catch it? And if you never do, will you throw a fit? The real answer is written in the back of your brain, looking for that shit will drive you insane. Take a word of advice from someone with experience, stop looking and being so ignorant. Your arrogance will get you nowhere in life, except in a pit with your wrists and a knife.

Your wrist and a knife!

I won't be what you want me to be! And I don't fucking care cause I live my life for me!
Track Name: Guarantee
We don't need! We don't need no guarantee, no!

It's goin' down and now I'm out! I'm down and out, ya, we're always elevated with the music we've created and no matter what we'll just keep playin' even if we're hated, ya, you wanna get it right? You gotta relate, it's the way the kids are movin' that eliminates the hate! We don't want money, we don't want fame, just playin' for the people who were never quite the same!

Well, we make art and our art is free, it's the only way we know, it's the only way to be! We don't need your money to play local shows, and we don't give a fuck if you're rich or broke, cause the music that we play is for the kids, the ones who have no money but have hearts full of dreams! And all we ever wanna do is have a little fun, and I fucking know that we're not the only ones!