Going Deaf EP

by The Rotten Blue Menace

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released July 26, 2016



all rights reserved


The Rotten Blue Menace Denver, Colorado

The Rotten Blue Menace is a skacore band from Denver, CO!

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Track Name: Cutthroat Kids
Who am I to question what’s in my best intentions?
Who am I to give a shit?
Who am I to care?
If I’m such a fucking joke, why am I not laughing?
You won’t fucking step to me, I’ll cut your fucking throat!

Cutthroat Kids!

I will be fucking happy when you are fucking dead.
Track Name: Where's Our Freedom? (Featuring Manny Digesualdo of the Kaotix)
you founded this country on principles of liberty for all but in this day and age of discontent we’ve watched these principles fall. Our leaders take, hide, and steal these things from you and me, and then they expect us to give into their corrupt bureaucracy.

But we will fight - and never give in. And we won’t back down until we win. As our numbered days are nearing the end - we must rebel and defend our right to liberty and we won’t stop until we’re free.

Where’s our freedom?

Spawned from our own ignorance, the government has it’s way. We need to wake up and realize their petty attempts to underplay the fucking truth - doesn’t it matter to you? We must join together in defiance the revolt is overdue.
Track Name: The Ballad of Roach Redberry
What do you see when you pass him on the street? He walks on the sidewalk with a frown upon his face. No good, dirty, rotten, hooligan rebel - who dropped out of school and whose parents didn’t love him. Just another punk ass kid with a chip on his shoulder, who falls into nothing as he gets older and older. Tattered clothes and rebellion is all you will see, but you never took the time to see the real me.
Back on his own again he has no family, has no friends. No one really gave a shit - this is it boy, this is it.
Twenty something years old and he’s headed in the wrong direction. Music is the closest thing he has to affection. Working his ass off but there’s no money in his pockets. Dead end job after dead end job, now he says fuck it. Stabbed in the back, countless times before, his entire life is drawn across the bedroom floor. What good is he alive when he’s better off dead? Sits in his room with a gun up against his head.
Back on his own again he has no family, has no friends. No one really gave a shit - this is it boy, this is it.
His heart full of dreams bigger than the universe, he can’t go on feeling like his life is so rehearsed. Can’t help feel like his back’s against the wall, pushing him to the edge until he starts to fall. As he sits up in his room with a gun fully loaded, repeating the words that his mother always told him. “I would do anything for you and I’ll love you til the end.” Then he pulled the trigger and now he’s fucking dead. He has now reached his end, destroyed his family, destroyed his friends. Everyone who gave a shit wishes they could change it.
Track Name: Pussy on the Chainwax
Trapped all day inside my mind, and I’m looking for solutions that I can’t find. Feel my back up against the wall - pushing me to the edge but I will never fall. Running in circles will get you nowhere, no matter what I do, no one seems to care, and just when I feel that no one gives a fuck, I know in my heart that I can’t give up.
Looking for solutions that I can’t find.
Whatcha gonna do when your mind’s in a bind and you’re looking for solutions that you cant find. You can’t tell up, you can’t tell down so you just say fuck it and you’re running all around.
Looking for solutions that I can’t find.
My feet are on the ground, my heads up in the clouds, I’ve gone too far up, how will I ever get down? I will keep on running from sea to shining sea, the monsters in my head they will never let me be. Cause when it comes time it’s time for do or die, it doesn’t seem to matter how hard I fucking try. I’ll never be good enough I won’t amount to shit, I wish the world would stop and let me off for a bit.
The world’s on my back and my knees about to crumble, but I will push on through no matter how much I slip or stumble. Perseverance is key if you want to succeed in life, Together we can push on through together we can win the fight. With your friends by your side no one will ley you sink. Keep your head up no matter what the others think. No ocean too wide to swim, no mountain too high to climb the worlds trying to keep me down but no, not this time.